I love creating things, whether I'm developing a TED talk, hosting a conversation series for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, giving a talk about creativity, throwing a tea cup, creating a Peabody Award-winning radio show, or cooking dinner.  My first book, Spark: How Creativity Works, is published by Harper and is released as an audio book.  And please check out my podcast series, Pursuit of Spark! There you'll find conversations about creative approaches to the possibilities, challenges, and pleasures of everyday life.

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 Photo by Pavlina Perry


My Spark Talks continue this season at The Met in spring 2015, with a series I'm very excited about, exploring words and images in ancient and modern art and design.  More information here.


Four lessons in Creativity at TED:

Loved leading a workshop on uncertainty and giving a keynote on creativity at Days of Communication Croatia in May.  Wonderful participants, fascinating stories, and a beautiful setting in Rovinj.  

Thrilled with the recent Spark Talk at The Met on April 30, exploring the way artists play with time, with wonderful guests -- musician Laurie Anderson; Rebecca Stead, author of When You Reach Me; astrophysicist and art historian SeungJung Kim; and Met curator Melanie Holcomb.   

It was a pleasure to give the keynote at the Clifford Symposium at Middlebury College.

Mitch Joel and I had a conversation at TED about creativity, which you can hear on Mitch's Six Pixels of Separation Podcast.

Big Think asked me to speak about creativity for three short segments.

Webcast of my talk for educators at the Smithsonian.

My thoughts about creative struggle in SGI Quarterly.


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Today's blog -- Four lessons in creativity.

Raising Your Voice

I love working as a strategic thinking partner for individuals and organizations who want to raise their voices and tell their stories in new ways.  I find this work tremendously rewarding; it is thrilling for all involved when we discover together the essential elements that contribute to my clients' unique and powerful leadership.     If you are interested in working with me, you can contact me at jb (at) julieburstein.com.

Cultural Organizations

I consult to cultural organzations to help them develop and produce media and live events.  In the fall of 2013, I produced TEDxMet at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the first TEDx in an art museum.  I worked closely with Limor Tomer and Chris Coulson, the talented creative team at The Met, to develop and produce the day-long event, and coached all of the speakers.  They were marvelous, and you can watch and listen to them here.


I lead workshops about creativity all over the world, for companies, conferences, and colleges.  My most popular workshops reveal the secrets to uncovering powerful stories, and allow participants to expand our capacity for uncertainty, an essential component of creativity.


In addition to creating events and media for cultural organizations, I also work with individuals.  My clients include writers, business and academic leaders, scientists, musicians, and entrepreneurs.  Over the past year, one of my clients has received millions of views for his TED talks, another has become a college president, and another has received a mid-six-figure book deal.  

Here is one of the speakers from last fall's TEDxMet, dancer and choreographer Bill T. Jones, who brilliantly opened the day:

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